Image Editing Tools & a Tutorial Guide for the Photo Gallery
Image Editing Software
Here is a list of FREE image editing software tools. If there are any other free image editing software that isn't on the list, please inform the admin.

These are all independant software programs, so you only need to install 1, and not them all.

Disclaimer: The Monklands Ramblers nor the Admin of this website is responsible for any computer damages when installing any of the below list of software. It is always advisable to have a virus scanner before installing any software. If any problems,please contact the software manufacturer for help.

How to upload photos
This is a step by step tutorial from how to register to uploading photos

1. When registering, you'll need an email address. You will receive an email to this address to verify your registration.

2. When uploading photos, click on "Upload file" which is situated at the top of the website where the other options of "Home", "My gallery", "Logout[Username]", "Album List", "Search", "My profile".

3. If you see this message "Error, Sorry there is no album where you are allowed to upload files", you will find a link to "Create/order my albums". Click the link and it will take you to the "Album Manager".

4. In the "Album Manager", you will see "Select category" (Category can only be created by the Administrator), which will have various categories, mainly as years (2003, 2004, etc). Select the year which you'd like to upload, to as this helps with the organisation of the photos by year.

5. Once selected the year, you have a few options. First click on "New Album". This will create a text box for you to name the album.

6. Once you've named the album, click on the option "OK". You will then see the album has been created in that year.

7. Next click on "Upload file" in the website links situated at the top of the website. (as mentioned above).

8. On the next menu, you will be able to upload the photo(s), but there are a few critera that needs to be followed before uploading. And they are:
- Files cannot exceed 5Mb
- Photo files formats allowed: .jpeg, .jpg, .png .gif (standart picture format)

9. Once you've done the photo to the correct details, you can either select 1 photo at a time to upload, or select multiple images at once by:
- Selecting the album you've created in the drop down menu list "Select Album".
- Click the "Browse" button to select the directory your photos are kept on your computer.
- Once all the photos are selected, click the "Open" button on your file window.

10. If you experience any errors while uploading, please email the administrator (dex23@outlook.com), and let the admin know which Error message you received. Or, if you're interested to know, look at this website for the error description and possible methods to correct the photos.

11. Once all your photos have been uploaded, click on "Continue" button (situated above the text "X uploaded files"). (X represents to the number of photos uploaded e.g. 1, 5, 10)

12. You can then type in the infomration of the photos in the text fields "Title", "Description, "Keywords". All this infomration can be changed at a later stage if you've forotten anything.

Enough of reading, enjoy uploading photos to the Monklands Rambers Club.
If you're unsure of anything, please contact David through email or through the contact form siturated on the Photo gallery, under the "Home" link.